Tel. +386 41 499 544

Cesta Tončke Čeč 26, SI-1420 Trbovlje, Slovenia, E.U.


aereform d.o.o.
(limited liability company)

Founded in: October 2008

Owners: Sašo Knez, Janez Cestnik, Jure Knez

Registration number: 3411532000

VAT ID number: SI89757548

EC PIC: 943410749

Bank details: IBAN SI56 2900 0005 5575 910 with Unicredit Banka Slovenija (SWIFT/BIC: BACXSI22)


Our company is located in Slovenia, Europe. We are halfway between Venice and Vienna. Slovenia is a full member of E.U. inside the Schengen agreement area and our monetary system is the Euro, all of these three factors contributing to the ease of our business activity.

Before visiting be sure to establish contact with us first to coordinate your visit.

We recommend you travel on the A1 highway either from the direction of Maribor or Ljubljana.

Leave A1 highway at the exit Sempeter. Continue through the small town of Prebold on local road number 427. The road will go over a hill pass and descend into the valley of Trbovlje. Enjoy the beautiful drive.

Follow the main road into the city. After reaching the first traffic light, turn right. After the factory on the right, you will see a chapel with a small bridge and a huge linden tree. Turn into the yard by going over the small bridge. Look for a big white door and peer through the window. If you can see airplanes, you came to the correct location and we will be happy to see you. Our office is located in the first floor of the same building.




For contacting us via e-mail, please direct general questions or comments to:


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If you have specific issues for Sašo (regarding development), mail him at:


e.mail Saso

If you have specific issues for Janez (regarding fabrication), mail him at:



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