• Our shop rate is 25 EUR/hour.

This includes the cost for one worker. If your project needs extra work, add 21 EUR/hour per additional worker. The rate does not include VAT. The shop rate applies to all areas in classic and composite structures.

  • For flight operations our rate is 220 EUR/working day.

Working day is 8 hours.

  • Hourly rate for flight operations is 40 EUR/hour

Time is counted as block time and rate is applied for work  towards flight instruction or role of safety pilot.

  • For development work our hourly rate is 30 EUR/hour.

(e.i. creation of specific training courses or manuals or theoretical training) related to aviation.

  • For high end development work our hourly rate is 50 EUR/hour.

(e.i. quality audits)

If there are significant transport costs to location, these are charged extra.

All of the qouted rates above do not include VAT.