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In our workshop quality is top priority. It is hard to do high quality work without good tools. Therefore we try to use the best tools available.

Which is sometimes difficult, as tools are now almost as clothes. There is plenty of them over a wide price range. Some say buy only the most expensive, some figure you buy the cheapest ones and replace them as you go along, and sometimes the price is simply not the indicator of quality. Therefore, for what it’s worth, here is what we use.


Unior wrenches

Unior wrenches are strong and durable. You brake your arm and everything else before bending them. The large selections of shapes and sizes (both metric and imperial) make it ideal for working in hard to reach places.



After several years of use, we still have most of the original set. (we missplaced several and broke one). The handle is great, since it enables a tight grip. You cannot go wrong with these screwdrivers.

Unior screwdrivers


Our favourite three specific items are:


Unior vice
The Unior vice is one of the most important tools our workshop. Since we are constantly making custom parts, we need a sturdy, heavy, vice with a secure grip.

The vice from Unior is perfect for this and would be probably one of the last tools that we would give away from the workshop.

Unior vice

Unior vice – extensivly used in our workshop

Unior punch set
The Unior Pin punch set is absolutely crucial when working on close tolerance bolts.

The punch set is again durable. We wore out the smallest diameter punches in about five years of constant use.

Workshop pin punch set

This pin punch set was replaced with a new one after about five years of non-stop use.


Unior inspection and retrival tools
The third favourite are actually several tools from the Unior automotive tools program. The Inspection set on the left is a must-have for working in close confines of an aircraft.

Everything you need for inspection in a very neat package. Other important items from the automotive program are also the Claw pick up tool and the Flexible pick up tool with the magnet.