In our company quality is top priority.

Therefore we are proud to have close ties with several companies that provide excellent service and/or products that enable us to achieve our top quality.


UNIOR hand tools

Generally we swear by Unior. We got our first Unior tool box in 2008 and most of the tools after heavy use are still pristine.
See here which tools out of their assortment we find most useful.



SkyDemon VFR planning and navigation

Integrating chart, flight planning, weather, NOTAM and aircraft profiles, we believe that SkyDemon is the most useful tool for navigation in Europe.

What we like is that it is tailored for VFR flying therefore giving the exact information that a recreational pilot needs to suit his needs. Furthermore for the amount of service provided, SkyDemon is well worth its price.



Aeronavt aviation academy

Aeronavt is a aviation academy, the exclusive holder of Pipistrel Academy program. It trains pilots for ultralight, ultralight flight instructor and test pilot licences or endorsements.

However the greatest success of the Academy is that it provides post-graduate training to increase the safety and skill of newly licensed pilots.

Aeronavt is in part owned and operated by the individuals from aereform.